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Welcome !

Welcome to our Association: Photo International Club Zurich (PICZ)

PICZ is a Swiss association founded on November 1st 2013 and based in Zürich. Our objective is gathering and sharing the passion of photography amongst our fellow members and to the public. The main goal of the club is to develop, enhance, practice and improve our core passion: photography.

Our aim is to obtain a permanent club-house to be used as a meeting centre, a shooting location and a space where exhibitions can be organized.

Early members meeting in 2014. Today PICZ counts more than 40 active members

Early members meeting in 2014. Today PICZ counts more than 40 active members

We believe that the key to learn and improve our photography is by practicing. This is why PICZ organises events, courses, projects to encourage the practice of photography. See details in our “Activities” section.

The club is a platform to facilitate member access to photo equipment, the exchange of materials and ideas between members, and the organization of photography competitions (See our Competition section and Galleries). Part of the photos resulting from the activities will be published by the club in a calendar, a book, a magazine or in newsletters.

The association is open to everyone who lives in Switzerland: the annual membership is set to 100CHF per annum with a one-off admission fee of 60CHF.

Money collected through membership or resulting from other activities allow the club to purchase equipment which can be used by all members. The association is non-profit, so any membership money received will be used to organize activities, outings and shoots for our members or buy books and equipment that the members can use for a close to zero price.

So why not show your support to the initiative by subscribing to a membership right now?

Please join us in this adventure.

Become part of PICZ

PICZ is open to new members

PICZ is a fast growing and very active community and photographers club. You can join our community for free and participate in many of our activities for a small fee. A club membership however opens many additional benefits to you.

Official Club Status

PICZ was originally founded with French statutes. However today the club’s official language became English and we have a translated version of our statutes below.

We are happy and proud of a growing list of individual and business partnerships

Members only

How to become a Member

Becoming a PICZ member is quite easy: All you need is a residential address in Switzerland and since sharing equipment is common among our members we also require every member to hold an liability insurance.

The membership fee is set to 100CHF per annum (with a possibility of quarterly payment). Members joining after July 1st of a given year will only have a membership fee of 50CHF for the first year. In addition to that all new members have to pay a 60CHF one time fee.

PICZ is a registered non-profit association. Any membership fees and donations received will be used towards our club goals and to organize activities, outings and shoots among the members.

To become a member, we need you to download and fill out the subscription form and return it to us.

Please transfer your membership and admission fee online to our Paypal account: info@picz.ch or to our Post Finance account:

Nelkenstrasse 15
8006 Zurich

IBAN: CH75 0900 0000 8919 2708 5

When you do a money transfer, please also:
– set the label of the transfer on the receiver’s statement with your name
– write us an e-mail to inform us about the transfer on info@picz.ch

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