Of course, if one has to write an editorial these days it is only too natural to start it with some seasonal greetings. Everyone does, so do I. However there is more to January than singing “Happy New Year” and start waiting for spring to come.

As photographers in Switzerland we currently have the opportunity to capture some of the most spectacular landscapes covered in snow. A chance to be spontaneous and let us wander to take a few breathtaking pictures and be right back for dinner at home.

I would love see this website become a place where such spontaneous meetings happen and were we as PICZ can form an even closer community than the one we have already. The Website is not to replace our social contact it is enhancing it. We can share more of the outcome of our activities. Not only put them in dusted digital albums but really start discussing them.

Setting up the website I put a focus on features helping with communication among the sites users. Try them, upload a few of your images right into the stream of a lab, ask questions, present your thoughts, engage yourself in a project. It all starts with creating an account. Make PICZ a life part of the club.

(Photo: PICZ painted in light – captured by Magda on our Club meeting last December)