You might have noticed that most links to PICZ apart from the main website are currently not working. That is because whenever you opened in past two days you actually ended up on a “”. – Old as in “no longer new” and that said, welcome to the “new” website!

The foundation is laid out and after a few classic “oh I never thought this could happen”-moments today we made the switch.

We build the walls now lets put some colors on them

We build the walls now lets put some colors on them

Those of you attending the last member assembly witnessed a little discussion about what what to pull from the previous Site and what not. Since PICZ’s website never became a place of intense discussions we decided to do a fresh start and skip copying old content. Everything you uploaded so far to is preserved and will be available at However it is read-only.

The new website currently is not much more than an empty house with pale walls. We build it but it is on you to help make it the cozy spot to be and talk about photography you want to have. Therefore we focused on interactive features for nice chats, tough discussions and collaborating on projects like exhibitions, Photolaundry or workshop preparation. All of these features can be found within our PICZ-Labs club structure.

  • Analog Lab
  • Digital Lab
  • Creative Lab
  • Community & Networking Lab

On PICZ website you can think of these labs as of discussion groups like you might know from flickr, facebook or other social media sites. Within these labs you can have threaded discussions, share images, create albums and make yourself comfortable. If needed, we can even set up project based workgroups within these labs to help you organize on request.

(Actually there is a fifth lab called “Help & Suggestions” set up. This is your spot to come and blame me for non working things, ask questions and suggest improvements.)

As soon as you register yourself with an account (unfortunately we could not move your existing username and password) you automatically become a member of all these labs. It’s up to you to make PICZ website as thrilling and fun as the life meetings are. (Not that we don’t want to see you there too!)