This slider can help you to:
– deport your flash from the camera to add mood to your photography
– to support for 2 flash and the camerain the middle (for macro photography)
– to make fine focus adjustment for macro photography
– to support 2 cameras and 2 flash for 3D photography


2 shoes for flash light, can be uninstalled
Suitable for: all DSLR and DC with standard 1/4″ screw
If you use two pieces macro sliders, they can be combined into a 4-direction macro slider.
The 2 way macro slider has smooth rack and pinion movement to provide extremely fine focusing adjustment.
One 30cm rails can support movement of 2 directions—forward, back.
Positive locking knobs assure rock-steady focus.
Specification : 

Brand: Fotomate
Model No.: LP-03
Material: metal alloy
Length: 310mm
Width: 93mm
Height: 24mm
Weight: 395g
Movable range: 200mm

Available quantity: 2
Usage charge (club members only): 1CHF / month / piece

With 2 rails combined: