We just wanted to let you know that we just kicked a few chunks off our to-do list and rolled out an update to the website.

e-mail-subscription2The rollout includes some updates and fixes under the hood that pave the road to other requested features or remove roadblocks that kept me (now us) from making progress with real features. Thanks to Mark (@mark_howells-mead who), who jumped in to assist with his extensive knowledge on the programming side we made some big leaps here:

Lab Subscription

We created a solution to follow the lab activity stream via email. This feature can (must) be set up for each lab you want to follow individually and uses the email-address you registered with when creating your account:

  1. Go to the lab you want to follow
  2. In the group description find the line “Your email status is No Email” and click on “Get email updates”
  3. Select the type of e-mail you want to have. Available options are a daily or weekly digest, new topics (wich will include all announcements, questions and other posts to the lab but no replies) or all activity (don’t blame us for being mail-bombed afterwards…)
  4. Especially the digest will contain many links and many mail providers will classify them as spam. Please check you spam folder and add us to your address book / sender whitelist.

Lab Wall Messages for users joining

Finally there will be no more messages cluttering the wall about members who join a lab. No, none, never… So if you want to get noticed, introduce yourself. Old messages up to today wil remain there but move down quickly. 😉

Image Navigation in Labs

Now there is a better way to browse albums that are attached to a lab. By clicking right or left on an image in large view (swiping on mobile devices) you browse forward or backward in the list. The view now also shows the name and profile image of the uploader of an image with comments, likes and ratings. This affects also viewing single images posted to a lab (browsing back and forth to other images posted to the lab).

Minor changes

We have many updates under the hood wich cause little or no visual changes. Among those are:

  • Instead of profile pictures you will now see the account-names for people attending to an event.
  • User-Profiles now look nicer.
  • The Page header became a bit smaller.
  • The www.photolaundry.ch domain is now pointing to a landing page for the event. It just needs some content.

The next major update is already on it’s way to happen in April.