Photo Laundry is not just an exhibition. It is a unique interactive exchange, where any member of the public who can take photos can also become a participant.

When early this year a new member, Evelyn, joined PICZ, she told me that for her, the event was an opportunity for the exchange of perspectives. I really liked it.  This not only accounts for richness of views but also tests boundaries of the given genre.

Photo Laundry is an artistic project, both for professionals and non-professionals, and we encourage an interesting, creative approach to the theme. To such a degree that this year’s topic descriptions all contain the word “creative”. What is creative then? Definitely this is something that everyone should define for themselves, but it is always a new way to look at the subject, seeing something that no one else has seen. That is also why we asked the photographers who are going to hold the educative sessions to make the main focus on artistry; the thinking process and vision is more stressed than purely technical aspects of photography which sometimes difficult to avoid.  Some of the invited photographers will talk about their projects and how they have come to realise them. Others will give highlights about the working process and different approaches within the theme.

Most photographic life today has shifted in the digital domain. We click on one photo and in a second we click on another. Pictures change like in a kaleidoscope. I am convinced that the true beauty of the photo comes only when a photo is printed. This gives a chance to contemplate on its aesthetics much longer than if  photo is in digital form. Amateur photography may be of great quality but photographers may not have time to market their works. And most exhibitions and galleries are more concerned with professionals and are sceptical of non-professionals without a significant portfolio in place (not mentioning how expensive galleries can be). That is why Photo Laundry’s main idea is to have local amateur and hobby photographers have a chance to present their works in an uncomplicated and free way.  Although there are plenty of websites and social media-based groups where you can submit photos daily for free, it is both important to share them within the local community.  It’s also an opportunity for meeting like-minded and inspiring persons in real life.

And finally, printing. Testing your best shots on paper can give you a new perspective. Not all my shots work as great on paper as I think they should. And on the opposite: some photos start to stand out. Trying different paper and formats and putting your best shots on your wall – there are plenty creative solutions on how to decorate your home with your photos.

Photo Laundry’s format not only gives you a chance to exhibit your work at no cost but also to literally help you find out the reaction of the public: if your photo is picked up there is nothing more satisfying than to know somebody loved what you did.