Discussing the future direction of PICZ activities became a hot topic on last week’s PICZ general assembly. As the previous member survey already turned out many of you expressed a wish for a steady location to meet and develop ideas. This certainly would help forming the club and give it a bit more of a family feeling. Adding the ability to discuss photography topics, work on group projects and play with gear and ideas is another plus on this.

The general assembly continued this discussion from last member meeting and decided to take action to not only find a fixed location for our meetings but also actively start searching a location that would suite the needs of a studio.

We also count on you as a member or (possibly new) supporter of PICZ to help us in finding that club studio in Zurich.

Certainly we need to make compromises. However, there are some ideal corner marks expressed for PICZ’s new home to be discussed:

The studio – PICZ photo related social hub

Based on the idea to find a location to hold our monthly meetings with around 10-20 people and have some workshops it was also discussed to add a small seating area and library with photo related books to invite for inspirational discussions and make the location kind of a photo related social hub. From here on it was a short turn to aim even bigger and go for a club studio.

Outlining the ideal PICZ Studio

For that studio the spot should offer around 60 square meters or more with a minimum of 2.5 meters ceiling and access to a bathroom facility that is suitable as a dressing room (or at least a separate room) to work with models. Even though some of our photos intentionally aim for goose bumps the place should have a heating that will allow to take pictures of people in limited clothing even in winter season.

Most of the members live in or close to Zurich and the studio should be reachable by public transportation on late evenings and weekends. Also the club studio needs to allow a safe storing of equipment and club belongings.

PICZ is growing bit we are still a small organisation of photo enthusiasts with limited financial resources to conquer the burden of renting a place. Joining a shared studio is for sure one option, creating a new shared studio environment is another. Some of the members at the assembly who already work in a shared studio or are looking for a share expressed their interest to participate in a new studio. One of the biggest benefits would be access to club owned equipment, lowering the costs for each individual. Together we could also work on remodeling a suitable location into our needs. It was discussed to cover the financial needs by finding a group of members who already does or intents to work in a studio on a regular baseis and is willing to take an extra part in the funding for additional usage time.

Get involved!

Feel free to drop your additional ideas, needs to refine the corner marks and most of all location hints to find the place possible in the comment section below this post.