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Eye2Eye: Artistic approaches did not exceed technical imperfections

Only a handful photos were submitted to 2016’s last quarter competition and the jury had a hard time finding a winner

The quarterly PICZ photo competition can be seen as the most visible club activity. It’s public, it’s online and it is unique in many ways. Participation provides a free chance for members to display their work, expand and express their knowledge and find artistic approaches to a variety of topics. Even better, for a small administrative fee the club also invites non-members to join the challenge and contribute their work.

To ensure a quality selection an independent jury has been put in place a few years ago to vote on submissions. Currently Regina Wypych, Roza Sampolinska and Magda Nowak give credit to artistic approaches and overall pictorial design, but still respect individual reception of a given topic.

They also keep an eye on technical aspects of each submitted photo and often have go through multiple voting and discussion rounds before one outstanding photo is selected among many divine works. This eventually led the club’s competition to become a poster child for the quality of work, displaying the self-esteem of PICZ, its members and its friends.

However, a jury can only vote on what has been submitted and judging last quarter’s competition turned out to be a very difficult voting process for the jury so far.

Only five photos have been submitted and had to be evaluated. A long discussion followed about the technical aspects of many contributions, mainly selective focus that was not quite fitting the supposed focus point or in some cases even a general sharpness issue that was just a bit off. – To make a point here: There were interesting concepts were technicalities like framing choices, depth of field and exposure-time, played too hard against them to make a shot right and catchy.

With help from several PICZ members who reviewed the submissions during the last club members meeting, a winner has finally been selected!

The non-literal approach to the topic and the general sharpness of the image allowed for “Eyes on the beach” to be the winner of this competition.

Congratulation to Myron who will receive the Hama Optic Photo Cleaning Kit.


“Last Summer I got up very early to catch the sunrise at the beach of Pampelonne near St. Tropez. Normally I would have stayed a little bit longer in bed on my vacation. But when I got to the beach, I was very happy I did it. It was so peaceful and I was excited to be nearly alone on this large strip of sand. 

When the sun started to rise, I was overwhelmed – it was amazing, the light, the scenery, everything. I could not take my eyes off and took all kind of photos. While strolling around, those two mirrors on the wall of a Beach-Restaurant got my attention and I said „hey big brother, I am watching you“, „click“, and kept on going. I enjoyed that morning a lot, so I got up early the next day again. It seems to be true – the early bird catches the worm.

Taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2, using a Fujinon 35 mm 1.2 R WR lens. No post processing, I left the photo just like it was.” 

(Myron Bingham)


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