We are very pleased to share with you the results of Q3/2017 competition. Just to remind, PICZ will participate in the next Photo Münsingen competition and will be preparing the panel on the topic “MOVE”, which we used as an early inspiration for our club fellows to think ahead about the new project and the panels.

The MOVE attracted six photographers who submitted 13 photos together and to the final voting stage only four were selected (all featured below). The competition was really tough and there was only one point difference between the photographs in this final race.

But the winner can only be one and this time it is “Fly the Bath” by Timo Lehto with its mysterious ambiance that got the jury’s attention.


Congratulations to Timo who wins a 25 CHF voucher to be cashed for workshop organized by PICZ.


“Meticulous planning is not exactly my way of photographing, but I do have a proximate idea what I’m looking for. This time it was water (representing calmness but also continuity and flow), image blur (indistinct moment of thought) and movement (transition from one stage to another). I also didn’t want those aspects to be too obvious, so I wasn’t quite sure how to proceed. Water is easy to find, image blur simple to achieve and with the movement I just thought I’ll take what comes.

Walking around Bagno Vignoni in Tuscany early in the morning I had the water in the baths, image blur in my shaky hands (I’m not a morning person) and the movement sitting in a group on a roof of a small hut. I didn’t get that close as I wanted before the pigeons took off but luckily they flew to right direction towards the pool and I got a couple of shots of them.

I had to crop the image only slightly to remove two birds which were cut by the frame edge. And if someone is interested in the technical details: Leica M-P with 75 mm Summicron-M 1:2.0, aperture something between 5.6 and 11, 1/15s.

The image was done during a TPW workshop last Summer with an approach of developing a personal style and with the teacher Christopher Morris. We didn’t have any special assignments but got very valuable guidance and encouragement from Christoph. If someone is interested in photographic workshops, I can recommend TPW (Toscana Photographic Workshops) with their excellent teachers.”

(Timo Lehto)




The top four of the the Q3/17 competition:


Photo by MaijaB


Photo by Chris Jenkins


“Spanish Dancer” by Abbas


“Fly the Bath” by Timo Lehto