This is rather unusual not only to have the repeating winner but also to have two different shots of one author with identical number of points!

But let’s start from the beginning. For the last quarter we asked our photographers to show us their own view of “Architecture”. We have evaluated six photos and having calculated the votes of the jury, there were three front runners – all featured below.

The jury appreciated the good composition and climate of the shot by Timo Lehto, and was attracted by the abstract with colorful architecture of textures and encouraging and positive view of “Architecture_ 3” as well as the well framed vertical capture with interesting depths and the reflection element of “La Défense district Paris” – both shots taken by Abbas.

So it’s clear now that the winner of our Q4/2017 competition is Timo Lehto with his “Kolmio”. Well done and congratulations!



Congratulations to Timo who will receive a comprehensive set for care and cleaning and maintenance of photographic equipment.


” Although I wouldn’t consider architectural photography to be exactly my favourite genre in photography, I do often examine what buildings and constructions could offer with their lines and forms. Sometimes I look for details but more often I am interested in surfaces and areas and their relations to each other.

This is an industrial construction with very simple and seemingly functional forms: entrance with few offices but otherwise just walls without windows, lonely exit door in one corner, another with stairs on the opposite side. Not a very beautiful building, sitting alone on a plot surrounded by fields and a small stream, yet somehow appropriately placed.

I pass by the here quite often while taking a walk with my dog and I have photographed the outside several times, mostly when the light hits the upper part and leaves a one long wall completely in shadow. On this day I was lucky because there were some high clouds, their round and soft shapes counterbalancing the harder geometrical forms of the facade, strong enough sun to enhance the reflection and to give dark shadows, and of course the contrail to draw one more line into the image. It wasn’t my goal to go and photograph the building, mere my dog just happened to bring me there at the right time. It’s a good thing I carry my camera always with me – you never know…”

(Timo Lehto)




The top three of the Q4/17 competition:


La Défense district Paris by Abbas



Architecture_3 by Abbas



kolmio-001 by Timo Lehto