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The Painted Nungwi Coast Sunset

The Painted Nungwi Coast Sunset

We faced a very interesting situation with the “Long Exposure or Multiple Exposure” competition. Not very often the race to the final is so tough that we need to go to Round Three to select the winner, but let’s start from the beginning…

Experimenting with long or multiple exposure attracted 5 photographers who submitted 9 photos together and to Round Two of voting 5 were selected (all featured below). The competition was really tough with three front runners and two of them with identical number of points received – Light my Fire by Timo and Sunset in Zanzibar by Abbas Dekkiche, who were followed closely by Chris Jenkins and his La Serenissima.

According to the general rules, in such cases when after the second stage of voting we do not have a clear leader by number of collected points, the winner will be the one which have submitted first. Yes, time matters!

Therefore, looking at the submissions dates – March 18th for Abbas and March 29th for Timo for this particular shot (even though Timo was really the first one to submit his other photo already early February), clearly the winning picture is the Sunset in Zanzibar – with its beautiful, better then painting, atmosphere. Magic is definitely here!

Congratulations to Abbas – well done!

The winner receives 20x30cm framed with passe-partout an original photo “Kabikicho” by Xabi Etcheverry from the YELLOWKORNER Limited Edition Art Photography


“After a fantastic safari in Tanzania fabulous parks (Serengeti, Tarangire, Ngorongoro crater, Manyara lake, etc.) I travelled to Zanzibar to relax and to enjoy the white sand beaches. I stayed in Nungwi, a small fishing village in the far northern part of the island. Nungwi has also a dhow-building center.

What I enjoyed most was to observe every day in the afternoon the fishermen preparing their dhows and their fishing equipment, and just before the sunset, they sail far away and return the next day early in the morning, with a lot of fish and sell it in the fish market. 

One evening, the weather was changing fast, the sky was so beautiful with dramatic orange tones and dark clouds. I saw a small boat with four men. I decided to use a long exposure to capture the movement of the boat moving slowly while the dhows around were static.

I used a Sony Alpha 850 with a Sony 70-300mm F2.8 lens. The picture was taken at 105mm, ISO 100, f/8 and an exposure of 0.5s.

For post-processing I used some of the features of iPhoto to adjust the contrast and the color saturation”. 

(Abbas Dekkiche)


The top five of the Q1/18 competition:


Light My Fire by Timo Lehto



Sunset Sunset on Nungwi coast in Zanzibar by Abbas Dekkiche



La Serenissima by Chris Jenkins




égalité by Timo Lehto




Gare de Oriente by Chris Jenkins


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