It happens from time to time that the race to the finals is very tough that even with two stage voting the jury is not able to select the winner. We have experienced exactly the same situation as last quarter when the winner was chosen only in the Round Three i.e. looking at the date of submission.

In the Q2/18 Portraiture competition, the jury looked at 18 photos submitted by nine photographers.

It was a good mix of shots taken with natural light and in the studio environment using the flashlights so diversity made the evaluation more interesting but at the same time difficult as well. Six of the reviewed photos went to the final stage of voting (all featured below).

The two front runners – Self Portrait Facing Light by Timo Lehto and Natalia by Frederic Chastellain received identical numbers of points. And again, similarly to the last quarter competition, we had to look at the date of submission to announce that the lucky winner is Frederic Chastellain who submitted his photo 10 days earlier than Timo.  The jury liked the beautiful proper light and the esthetic composition of the shot.

Well done Frederic – congratulations to you and your lovely model!


The winner receives a voucher of 25 CHF that can be used as payment for any future workshop organized by PICZ, studio rent or deducted from the next year membership.

And if you read the short note from the winner, you will realize that the PICZ Studio and the workshops by Charles are great asset to the Club and a stimulus to your own photographic adventure.


“A friend of mine asked me if I could take a few pictures of her daughter Natalia. As I had just participated to an “after work shooting” at the PICZ studio, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to go there by myself and try to reproduce what I had learnt during the AWS.

The studio light set-up consists of two lights. For the main light, I used one of the huge softbox (available at the PICZ studio) and positioned above Natalia, slightly one her left. The second light provides a bit of fill light on her right, not sure it made a difference at the end… 

The picture has been taken with a Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera and a Fujinon 35mm F2 lens. As for 99% of my pictures, I have applied the Fujifilm Classic Chrome film simulation preset (available in camera and in Lightroom). In Lightroom, I corrected the exposure by a half stop, set the clarity to +10, set the vignetting to -20 and corrected a few spots on Natalia’s skin using Lightroom spot removal tool.”

(Frederic Chastellain)


The top six of the Q2/18 competition:


Self Portrait Facing Light by Timo Lehto


Faith by Charles S


Natalia by Frederic Chastellain


LA Girl II by Timo Lehto


Photo by Yasuko


Photo by Anto Z