We are very pleased to share with you the results of our Q3/2018 competition. With the theme set for this quarter we wanted you to share your holiday memories with us.

“Make us travel with your summer” attracted 8 photographers who submitted 17 holiday memories photos. With the first round of the jury’s evaluation, only four were selected to the final voting stage (all featured below). The competition was really tough and the difference between the front runners was only two points.

Apparently the jury likes dreaming, open breath and endless space therefore was was attracted by the Milky Way by Pascal Cornuez with its beautiful nightscape and interesting perspective.



Congratulations to Pascal who receives a book by Juliet Hacking and David Campany “Photography – the Whole Story”, an ambitious and vibrant publication that leads your through the world’s most iconic photographs.


“ I captured this shot on August 9th with my Nikon D800 and a Sigma 10-20mm crop lens set on 11mm. I used a simple tripod and exposed for 30s at f/4.5 with ISO 5000. I took this shot in the Soca valley in Slovenia during a summer camper van trip. I really recommend this region, which offers a beautiful nature during the day and at night.

For night shots, it is perfect ! The area is a natural park, with almost no artificial light in kilometres around, so there is almost no light pollution. The sky was absolutely stunning! 

After kissing my family goodnight I took my bicycle with my camera backpack for a night ride with only my front light in the pitch black night. My plan was initially to go up the hill, above our camping place to capture a milky way shot over the valley. However, I got discourage from the 30min uphill ride through a pitch black forest with only my front light because I knew Slovenia has a lot of bears and I was a little bit scared…

I decided to shorten my ride and take the pictures of the hills from below with the stars in the background :))) 
For every shot, I had to stay in the complete dark for 30sec or more with only the sound of nature and sometimes some animals eyes glowing in the distance… quite scary as well ! 😉
Finally I managed to take quite decent pictures from where I was. I chose a high ISO value and a wide diaphragm because, having no remote to use the bulb trigger button, I was limited to 30s shots with a delayed trigger. 30s is also an acceptable duration to avoid the loss of sharpness caused by the stars movement. I knew that I would have to work on the generated noise during the post process. I am really happy that my picture was selected by the Jury and I thank PICZ for the beautiful book which I have win. I hope that the visitors will also appreciate the picture…”

(Pascal Cornuez)





The Top Four of the Q3/18 competition:

Malecon 2018 by Frederic Chastellain



Photo by Pascal



Photo by Chris Jenkins



Photo by Martin Klöckner