long / multi Exposure

Practicing long exposure/multiple exposure during a joint photowalk.

Date(s) - Sunday, 11/03/2018
4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Globus - Bellevue

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Hey! Let’s meet for a joint photo-shooting on the topics of MULTIPLE- and LONG-EXPOSURE, which is also the topic of our first PICZ-Competition (until end of March) or one of this years Photolaundry.
Let’s experiment together! Everyone is welcome: beginners and those who already have some experience and could advise the others :).

Before the photowalk, check your camera’s instructions on how to shoot multi-exposure images. If the camera doesn’t have this option you can always use photoshop afterwards.
You can find out more about those techniques before the photowalk in the web, there are many youtube videos or articles ! For Canon-SLR there is a detailed article here: http://learn.usa.canon.com/resources/articles/2011/1dx_multiple_exposures_article.shtml

Be a little prepared and also bring your tripods for long-exposure images. Then we can exchange some ideas and get creative together!! Sundown is at 18h25, so after 19h we can also try night-shots.

Meetingpoint: Bellevueplatz in front of Globus

Weather forecast is, well, not too bad ;o) We can always move on to the hall of main-station, if it gets too wet…


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