Photoreview of pictures taken during or inspired by street-reportage workshops with Stephen Kelly or our recent photowalk to Weihnachtsmarkt. Other PICZ-Members are welcome to join with their own approach to the topic.

Date(s) - Monday, 15/01/2018
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm
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The PICZ Studio

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Put together a small series of 4 to 7 street-reportage pictures. You can try to follow Stephens recipe or not, but remember, a series doesn’t necessarily consist of the single pics you like best – much more important is, that together they tell your story.

You can bring up to 3 small series of different or the same place/theme. Easiest bring them on USB-Stick, so we can watch them on the beamer. Name the files so they will show up in the order you want with any image viewer, perhaps also put them in one folder per series. Of course you could also bring prints.

Part of this photoreview will also be to practice on how to give useful feedback in a constructive manner. Something like “I like how this series transports the atmosphere of… but this one picture irritates me, because it reminds me more of another story…” is much more useful than just a general “good work”.


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