Create a small reportage-series about the atmospheric christmas-market and enjoy some “Glühwein” and food together.

Date(s) - Saturday, 09/12/2017
3:30 pm - 6:30 pm
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An occasion to put the learned into praxis for all participants of the recent streetreportage-workshop. But all other PICZ-members are also welcome to join us.

We’ll meet at 15h30 in front of Cinema Corso, opposite the Sechseläutenplatz, where the big christmas-market called “Wiehnachtsdorf” takes place.

There should be about 1h of daylight left before dusk and later the atmospheric lighting of all the little stands takes over. Everone is free to roam about as they like until we meet again at 18h15, again in front of Cinema Corso, so people who might have come later can catch up. From there we hit the market again for a cup of glühwein and later some food, for those who want.

In case of very nasty weather, the photowalk might be postboned to Sunday the 10th or 17th of December.


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Attendees registered:

  • piero
  • Arthur Hery
  • Klaus
  • Hicham
  • Manoj
  • Chris Jenkins