General Assembly – Review of 2019 Activity and Future Planning

Date(s) - Saturday, 18/01/2020
2:00 pm - 5:00 pm
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The PICZ Studio

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Why it is so important that you come!

  1. Share your ideas and wishes/expectations and influence the club priorities in the coming year
  2. Take part in the club life: the club lives by the voluntary energy and time the active members and members of the committee give to it. We need people to engage themselves in the club. The different Roles will be reviewed during this meeting
  3. Elect members of the board, and give voice to people who represent you in the club for the next 2 years. You can vote only if you come!
  4. Get to know the other members and let them know you. It is also a good chance to build new and future friendships
  5. Know about the financial situation of the club
  6. Determine how much should the club membership be next year
  7. Vote for the new statutes


Important Note:
We request you to be up to date with the 2020 annual membership payment in order to join the General Assembly and participate in the voting process.


You are welcome to bring with you: 

  • Curiosity
  • Creative ideas
  • Energy and good mood
  • Some food and drinks, if you wish


Standard agenda for the General Assembly:

  • The acceptance of the Minutes of the last Assembly
  • The report from the president on the activities of the association during the past year
  • A debate and decisions about the future development of the association
  • The financial report from the accounts controlling body
  • Voting of these reports
  • New admissions, resignations and exclusions
  • Decision of the yearly membership fee
  • Election of the President
  • Election of the members of the Committee and the accounts controlling organ
  • Nomination of the senior members
  • Nomination of the honorary members
  • Other individual proposals


Note: You will receive by email the material package to read before the meeting


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Attendees registered:

  • Anto Z.
  • Chris Jenkins
  • Walter Gilgen
  • Martin
  • Oliver Jaeschke
  • Charles S
  • Magda Nowak