PICZ and Stephen Kelly are offering a two-day reportage / editing workshop to explore and develop your skills as photographers and storytellers in Zurich`s unique city streets.

Date(s) - Saturday, 13/04/2019
10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Stephen Kelly is not only a well known reportage-photographer but also an experienced educator in workshops and lectures. Some of you already had a glimpse of his way to thread together a series and his helpful remarks of why he does it that way, in one of the street reportage workshops organized by PICZ.

Stephen’s approach is quiet and considered when working on a reportage: “I work in confined spaces. It may be one street or within the walls of one building, but every wall, stairwell, room, back alley is massively important to me. This approach makes you as the photographer slow down, both mentally and physically. You need to think creatively, have control, be patient and wait for the right moments…it’s slow journalism“.

Being a proficient editor of your own work and learning how you might best present a series of images to your audience is an incredibly important element of being a photographer. So we’ll use the second day to concentrate  on this process of selecting and sequencing a group of pictures into a story.


Saturday, 13th of April

10h                   Group meets near Helvetiaplatz (exact place follows), where an introduction by Stephen and short one to one introductory tutorials take place

11h – 13h30     Participants photograph life in and around Kanzlei flea-market/Helvetiaplatz with Stephen on hand throughout to give immediate individual feedback and guidance

14h30 – 15h     After an individual lunchbreak the group meets again at Kennedy´s Pub (Freischützgasse 14), where we refresh our aims and the participants have a chance to ask Stephen questions, before heading out into the streets of Europaallee/Lagerstrasse

15h – 18h         Participants photograph life in the streets of Europaallee/Lagerstrasse while Stephen is always on hand to give individual feedback and guidance


Sunday, 14th of April

 10h                    Group meets in room 3 at QZ Aussersihl (Bäckeranlage).  A group discussion will take place where participants can share their  thoughts and ask questions.

10h30 – 11h30  Stephen will present a number of his personal series, explaining about how and why he chooses images and sequences his reportage’s in the way that he does.

11h30 – 13h      Participants will work individually on organising, editing and sequencing their images from the previous day – either on their own laptop/tablet or bring small work-prints*, while Stephen begins spending time with each participant to assist and guide them in their choices and selections. He will talk a great deal with all participants about their practice, vision and goals.
*(these can be as small as 10x15cm and printed on a laserprinter)

14h – 15h30     After an individual lunchbreak participants continue to work on their series while Stephen spends his time assisting each participant in their process. Participants can also bring another series they have done previously and edit those pictures, but these should ideally be (work)-prints.

15h30 – 17h     As a group we come together to view all participants work (either the prints or with a beamer) and Stephen discusses how and why he has assisted the participants in their choices

17h – 18h         Group aperitivo and share thoughts

Please be sure to secure your booking by transfering the ticket cost to PICZ before March, 25th. For payment details see  http://picz.ch/about-picz/#becomemember  Depending on the number of attendees it might also be possible to book only Saturday or Sunday at half the price. Please contact the event organizer if you’re interested in that option.

In case of cancelation from your side before March 25th you’ll get a full refund. PICZ will confirm the workshop around March 28th and in case of cancelation from our side, you’ll also get a full refund.


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