Winter Photo Walk in Sattel Hochstuckli area

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Date(s) - Sunday, 17/02/2019
10:00 am - 3:30 pm
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Sattel Hochstuckli

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Dear all,

Last year it was suggested that we could do a photo walk this Winter. I did some research and found good feedback for a place called Sattel-HochStuckle, Engelstock Mountain details of which can be found here

It is supposed to have great scenery, a nice walking trail, and even a suspension bridge at the end for those that feel brave enough!

The goal will be to have a nice walk around and get some good landscape photos, portrait photos, or whatever you creatively decide to do along the way! Afterwards if people would like to we can have a drink before going home.


The place is around 1 hour by train or car from Zurich HB, so I think it should be an acceptable travel time for most people. I will drive by car and am happy to take up to 4x people. If we aim to get there for 11am I think that would give us a nice few hours to explore. Any questions please let me know. 🙂

For those that wish to travel by train, Nigel will be meeting at 10:00 at the meeting point at Zurich HB. We will be getting the 10:10 IR46 from Platform 6.


Needless to say… it’s best you wrap up warm and waterproof for the occasion as there may be snow, wind or standing about in freezing temperatures!


A wide angle zoom or prime is recommended but of course you are free to bring whatever you like. Polarizing filters should create a great deep blue sky for contrasting against the pure white snow.

NOTE: The trip will be subject to change depending on such things as weather reports etc.




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