How to become a Member

Becoming a PICZ member is easy takes less than 5 minutes !

1. Be at least 18 years old (or else present a written consent from your parent / tutor)
2. Have a residential address in Switzerland
3. Have a liability insurance (to avoid problems in case of damage to photo equipment during our activities
4. Fill the registration form

By filling a membership registration, you agree to pay the membership due for the current period.
The membership fee is 120CHF per annum.

Please transfer your membership and admission fee online to our Post Finance account:

Genossenschaftsstrasse 13
8050 Zurich

IBAN: CH75 0900 0000 8919 2708 5


When you do a money transfer, please also:
– set the label of the transfer on the receiver’s statement with your name
– write us an e-mail to inform us about the transfer on