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    Who says that people in Zürich don’t want to be photographed on the street ?
    Anyone up for this kind of project ?

    • And here is a similar example from Philippe Echaroux

    • I’m new here and not even a member “yet”… But i like the idea even if i don’t like this ringlights 🙂 Anyway, i would like to join if such a project is coming up within picz.

      BTW and offtopic: Is it common that i should introduce myself somewhere here? Or is it “good enough” to have a look at the next Meeting?!

      • Fab ! Let’s see if more people are interested and we^ll find a date to do it. Without a ring light, i don’t like them either. There are other examples of people doing this with different set-ups like Joey L and Felix Kunze that we can take inspiration from

        • I’m not shure if it’s working out but i plan to visit the next Picz Meeting… Are you there Charles? Maybe we can discuss there about the idea?!

          • Unfortunately, I won’t be able to come. But please don’t let that stop you from discussing it and seeing if other people are interested