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THE THEME: Portrait inspired by the “Humans of New York”project

PICZ gives you the opportunity to fight your shyness and get inspired by the work of Brandon Stanton, better  known to be the photographer behind the “Humans of New York” project.

Humans of New York (HONY) is originally a photoblog that gathers portaits and short interviews of people taken in New York City streets.

The popularity of the site transformed the original project that aimed at putting faces on the different neighbourhoods of New York City, into an amazingly popular blog and social media phenomena, gathering today more than 20 millions of followers.

Brandon Stanton is still the eye behind the HONY project but he extended his concept and worked abroad taking portrait in more than 20 countries. He also collaborate with large NGO including the UNHCR for which he converted the European migrants crisis. He was named one of the “30 Under 30 People Changing The World.» by Time magazine in 2013. His books are best sellers.

His original project was however simple: take pictures of the people who make New York and show that it is only a mosaic of what could be seen as meaningless details that makes the City.

Today PICZ is challenging you and is asking to follow the same philosophy. Get your camera ready, make  sure you put the switch of your social skills to ON and go out finding characters and stories next to  you. Something interesting lies in anyone around you if you know how to look.


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31st of March, 2020 at 23.59 (Zurich time)

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Title: Cuban Street Music
Author: magdabis
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Description: This picture was taken somewhere on the streets of Havana during my photo trip in 2014. Cuba is arguably the most musical country in the world – the place where once can soak in the unique Caribbean rhythms and be mesmerized at the Cuban’s ability to perform and dance moreover dances. Music is simply everywhere – people playing on the streets, beautiful girls dancing salsa in small cafes and restaurants. Cuba definitely feels like the pulsating hear of what it means to be Latino and the street music and dance is core to that. The trumpet was imported to Cuba from Spain during colonial times, mainly for its use in military bands, but shortly after became a very integrated instrument within Cuban music. A lot of trumpet musicians are everywhere – streets, small squares, the walls of Malecón.

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