What is the first thing coming to you mind when you think about autumn?

Golden colors? Rain? Beautiful light?

Yes, all these are true. But there’s another element that actually joins quite nicely the two seasons, summer and autumn.

You don’t know what? The answer is quite simple: AN UMBRELLA!

We need an umbrella to hide from the strong sun or find pleasant shade during the summer days but we also desperately need it in autumn but also any single rainy day throughout the year.

Since its presence in our lives is so obvious, this time, we would like to encourage you to focus on one topic – simply an umbrella –  sun umbrellas, rain umbrellas and who knows, maybe even photography umbrellas 😉

Make the umbrella the key subject of your shot or just a well incorporated element of your frame. For this competition, you can submit your summer season photos, autumn, winter or spring shots as long as they’re all about umbrellas.

As always, we will evaluate your composition, creativity and the technical quality of your shot. And please remember – each picture taken is delivering a message, so don’t forget about the title of your photo! This always gives an extra kick to the shot!

We look forward to your submissions

31.December, 2018 at 23.59 CET.

Participation cost:
PICZ members: free
Non-members: 5CHF (Payment details)

Maximum submission:
Submission is limited to 3 pictures per participant. If a participant uploads more than three pictures, only the last three uploaded will be considered.

Open to:
Members of PICZ and non-members living in Switzerland.

General rules:
Please read our general rules here.

Where to post:
The pictures should be posted on the gallery of the competition.

The winner will receive a book “The Essence of Photography” by Brue Barnbaum who began photography as a hobbyist in the 1960s, and after four and half decades, it is still his hobby. This book will show you that there’s a lot more to photography than simply picking up a camera, pointing it toward something, and tripping the shutter. Achieving a great photograph requires thought and preparation, an understanding of the photographic process, and a firm grasp of how light and composition affect a photo….


Jury members:
Regina Wypych: FB page website
Roza Sampolinska: FB page website
Magda Nowak: FB page website

(Featuring photo by Magda Nowak)