THE THEME: Landscapes inspired by Ansel Adams

PICZ gives you the opportunity to (re)discover the work and style of the famous American photographer Ansel Adams (1902-1984).

He is best known for his black and white images of the American West and his iconic shoots of Yosemite’s. This quarter we propose you to get the inspiration from Adams work and to explore his technic to shoot your own iconic landscape photographies.

He was an advocate of “pure” photography, favouring sharp focus and full tonal range (developing the “Zone System” technic).

While we ask you to get inspired by him, do not feel obliged to copy his work. Stay creative and have fun, don’t hesitate to revisite his style and surprise us.

In case you are not very familiar with Ansel Adams work, you can start here with some reading

And for those of you who have more time, here is a 1h22m video providing a good insight of his life and his career

As a reminder the main rules are :

  • Experiment to use the quarterly contest to explore the work of a master photographer
  • Picz wants you to go out, experiment and share!
  • We are lucky: we are a Switzerland surrounded by mountains. Not the Yosemite’s but close enough 😉
  • There is no bad pictures, there is only unsuccessful attempts
  • Go Out, Shoot, Be Creative


  • Contest Opening: 3rd of October 19
  • Contest Closing: 31th of December 19
  • Public Vote Opening: 1st of January 20
  • Public Vote Closing: 15th of January 20
  • Jury decision: by end of january 20



  • One competition per quarter
  • Open to all photographers based in Switzerland
    • Free for Piczmembers
    • 5CHF for non-member
  • 3 pictures / per participants

The juries

  • 3 professional photographers
    • 1 x jury prize
    • Jury composition -> check below
  • You!!!!
    • 1 x public prize
    • Electronic votes opens from 15/09 until 10/10
  • 2 prizes every quarter



Claudia Willmitzer

  • International photographer born in Germany
  • Graduated from the School for Artistic Photography Friedl
    Kubelkain Vienna
  • Published in different outlets including GUP, Yet Magazine,
    Mashallah News, plsMagazine…
  • Awarded with the Vivian Meyer Prize in 2016
  • Selected as participant in NOOR-Nikon Masterclass in 2017
  • https://www.claudiawillmitzer.com

Antoine Agoudjian

  • French photo journalist based in Paris
  • Started his career as assistant for Robert Doisneau then as official photographer of “Les Restos du Coeur”
  • Published several books on the exile including”Le feu sous la glace” (Edition Parenthèses), “Rêves Fragiles” (Actes Sud),
    « Istanbul peut-être” (Edition parenthese), “Les yeux brûlants” (edition Photopoche), « Le Cri du Silence » (Flammarion edition),
  • Collaboration with news papers including La Tribune de Genève, The Guardian, Le Monde, Le Figaro Magazine, L’Obs…
  • Awarded with the Bayeux Prize in 2017 (article in french)

Aurélie Amiot